Working From Home: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (Part 1)

Young man at laptop working from homeWouldn’t you like to earn a good living working from home? Of course you would… and who wouldn’t!  We all like being our own boss and relish the idea of having control and being the master/mistress over our own personal destiny. Subjugating one’s self to another’s will goes against the grain, and that’s because a sense of freedom is very much built-in, not just as part of the human makeup, but of every living sentient being. Anyone who’s ever watched a small child kicking and screaming against the constraints of being strapped into their pushchair has seen this principle in action for themselves.

The normal pattern for most of us is to go straight from school into paid employment, often finding ourselves taking the first job that comes along, purely for the money, regardless of where our true talents lie. Consequently, no matter how exhilarated we might feel from the achievement of being offered that first job, the novelty of the experience eventually wears off and we start to get dissatisfied because we’re not following our true heart’s desire… and it’s then our mind becomes the fertile ground for planting thoughts of how much better it could be if instead of working for someone else, we had our own business doing  what we really wanted to do… what we would actually enjoy… which often means something that we could do working from home.

While we remain unfulfilled, the recurring thoughts we have on this subject are the seeds that will continue to grow the more we think about them and if we’ve had a bad day at work we’ll be thinking about them with even greater intensity, especially when lying in bed in a relaxed state, where these daydreams will take on a life of their own and weave themselves into an idealised picture of our perfect scenario almost real enough to touch. However, it’s an all-too-common experience that these trips into paradise have the habit of evaporating once we pull back the duvet and step back into our everyday routine. But this needn’t be the case. All we lack is confidence in ourselves, which will free us from those fearful thoughts of not being good enough, and give us the courage to see that the way we imagine those things we really would love to do is not necessarily wishful thinking, but that they can be realised exactly how we visualise them.

For every one of us that has chosen to be live the work-from-home experience, there are countless others for whom it remains forever a dream. What prevents many from taking that first crucial step towards personal autonomy in their adult working life is… fear. In fact, when you think about it, fear of some sort or other (and it manifests itself in many subtle disguises) can be traced back as the root to all the negative, self-defeating thoughts we have about ourselves and our abilities, and is sadly what stops so many of us from realising our true potential. Maybe we’re afraid we’ll lose our financial security; but even if money isn’t the issue, we’ll have no trouble in coming up with a dozen other reasons or excuses for not following through with what we really want out of life, and for many people that means they’ll never have that longed-for experience of being able to work from home doing something they really love… (To be continued in Part 2.)