Work At Home

Clock put to bedThe thought of being able to work at home has strong appeal for many of us… and no small wonder. We all like the idea of being the boss and master/mistress of our own destiny. When considering any new venture, like starting a home business, we’ll spend a lot of time imagining what it will be like to work at home. Sometimes the daydreams are pretty close to the mark, but other times may be more like flights of fancy and bear little resemblance to the actual reality.

So… let’s analyse three common perceptions about running a home business, for comparisons between our rose-coloured imaginings and how it really is when you work at home.

1. When You Work At Home You Don’t Have To Get Up So Early.

Yes, it’s a sad fact of life that when you don’t work at home you’ll probably have to get up at what may even be the crack of dawn. If you think that by choosing to work at home you can consign your alarm clock to its own oubliette at the back of your sock drawer, you might be in for a great disappointment. It depends what you do. If you’re planning on being a plumber or decorator you’ll still be on intimate terms with that clock, on the other hand if you work at home as an Internet marketer you could get in the habit of having a lie-in!

2. When You Work At Home You Will Have More Freedom.

You’ll be overjoyed to know that this can actually be true. However, opting to work at home can turn you into a workaholic if you’re not careful, although the great advantage of being able to work at home is the extra quality time you can have for friends and family… and also yourself!

3. When You Work At Home You Can Earn More.

Again, true! You don’t have to accept what the Company gives you, or lump it; you’re the boss when you work at home. Everything you earn, you keep (minus the taxman’s wedge, of course).